Our Schedule…….

8:30-8:55-Number Corner

8:55-10:10-Math Block

10:10-10:30-Snack and mini recess

10:30-11:00-WIN Math

11:00-11:30-WIN ELA



12:30-1:15-Specials   Monday-Art  Tuesday-Library  Wednesday-Computer Lab  Thursday-P.E.  Friday-Music

1:15-2:45-ELA Block (Reading, Writing, Language Arts)

2:45-3:15-Science/Social Studies



Costume parade- Friday, Oct. 28th at 2:00 on the track.  I will provide time for the students to change into their costumes prior to the parade.  Please do not allow them to wear it to school.

Fall celebration- following the parade at approximately 2:30.

The spelling packet will now be worth a dojo point if completed and returned on Fridays.

Extra math practice with be sent home as well.  This is also worth a dojo point if completed and returned.  This is optional.

Please be sure to send a snack with your child each day.  It should be something healthy, but not messy.  

No peanuts, peanut butter (anything containing peanut butter) or any type of tree nuts should be allowed in our classroom.  PLEASE keep this in mind when packing lunches and snacks.

There are still students forgetting to bring a snack.  Please check on this each night while preparing for the following day!!!

Thanks so much to Tracy Tubbs, Ryan Beatty, and Whendi Slagle for volunteering to be our co-RC’s!!!

Class Dojo……The positive behaviors include…..Participating, clean area, on task, working extra hard, hallway behavior, helping others/being a good friend, push in chair, teamwork.  These are all worth 1 point each.  The “Needs Work” behaviors are….Talking out of turn, off task, no homework, out of line/talking in line, unprepared, arguing and disrespect (-2.)  Let me know if you have trouble signing up!!

Students may trade in dojo points.  If your child chooses Show and Tell, they must let me know the day before (which would be Thursday.)  All Show and Tell will be on Fridays.

I am adding a “spend points” tab on the needs improvement.  This is NOT a negative behavior, but is the only way to take the “spent” points away.  This means that the circle graph that is red and green is inaccurate.

Please remember that Correct and Return papers only need to be returned if the grade is below 80%.  Half credit will be given back for each correct problem.  These papers will go home in Wednesday folders.  All other papers can stay at home.  Correcting ALL papers with mistakes is always a great idea!!

Skills/Objectives This Week……


Math– Unit 3 Addition/Subtraction strategies; word problems; rounding to the nearest 10 and 100.

Reading-Tall Tales, Legends; comprehension practice using close reading symbols and annotations; figurative language; inferences

Language-adjectives….what are they and how do we use them in our writing??

Writing- informative writing

Spelling list- Halloween word list….packet due Friday..optional

Science/Social Studies– Continue the North American continent….the culture, major cities, resources.

Rock cycle/minerals